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Synthesis and properties of azidoaryl derivatives of cellulose

G. Čík, P. Šteruský, V. Lužáková, A. Blažej, and I. Sroková

Department of Textile, Pulp, and Paper, Slovak Technical University, CS-81237 Bratislava


Abstract: Azidoaryl derivatives of hydroxypropyl- and hydroxyethylcellulose were synthesized by indirect method, modifying the polymeric chain by nitroaryl chromophores from which after reduction to amines, azides were prepared by reacting polymeric diazonium salt with sodium azide. Properties of the arising azides depend on the used polymeric substrate and on condensation reaction. Properties of soluble azido derivatives are characterized by gel permeation chromatography, thermal analysis, and UV and IR spectro­scopy. In soluble derivatives photochemical efficacy in solid phase was tested.

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Chemical Papers 41 (3) 421–428 (1987)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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