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Some problems of simulation of nonisothermal adsorption

E. Kossaczk├Ż, T. Kapusta, and D. Bobok

Department of Chemical Engineering, Slovak Technical University, CS-812 37 Bratislava


Abstract: An equilibrium model of nonisothermal adsorption and a model comprising the resistance against mass transfer in the solid phase have been designed. The mathematical relationships valid for the models have been transformed in dimensionless form and used for disclosing the influence of heat accumulation, heat loss, and mass transfer in the solid phase on the course of nonadiabatic and nonisothermal adsorption. It has been revealed that heat accumulation, heat loss, and solid-phase mass transfer resistance have significant influence on attaining good agreement of the calculation with the experiment carried out under laboratory conditions, especially for systems with high adsorption heat and relatively high concentration of adsorptive in the feed gas.

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Chemical Papers 40 (1) 3–18 (1986)

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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