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Separation of the ion mixtures in the system - strong acidic cation exchanger chelating-agents with phosphonic functional-groups

A. Muchová and Z. Pikulíková

Lehrstuhl für Analytische Chemie der Pharmazeutischen Fakultät der Komenský-Universität, CS-832 32 Bratislava


Abstract: The results of study of the ion-exchange equilibria of a selected group of metal ions in the system: strong acidic cation exchanger—N-(methylphosphonic)iminodiacetic acid, and glycine-N,N-bis(methylphosphonic) acid, respectively, were enlarged. On the basis of these results as well as of the findings of our previous work the conditions for the separation of specified cation mixtures were worked out. With the aid of both acids the successful separation of two- up to five-component cation mixtures was attained by the elution chromatography on a column with the Amberlite IR 120 ion exchanger in the Na+ cycle. The results of analysis of the individual mixtures in the form of elution curves are reported as the example of the separation capability of both agents.

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Chemical Papers 40 (1) 37–43 (1986)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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