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L/L Equilibria of Dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic Acid in Water—Solvent Systems with Trioctylamine as an Extractant

J. Marták and Š. Schlosser

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak University of Technology, SK-812 37 Bratislava



Received: 19 May 2000

Abstract: L/L equilibrium data for (R)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid (DMCCA) in the system water—organic solvent are presented together with the corresponding chemism and the related extraction model. Pure saturated acyclic unbranched alkanes and their mixture with trioctylamine (TOA) as an extractant were used as solvents. A high loading of amine extractant, achieving the value of about 27, was observed. The loading was independent of the extractant concentration, especially at concentrations of DMCCA in the aqueous phase (c*F) lower than 0.12 kmol m−3. This suggests the (p,1) stoichiometry of complexes where p is the number of acid molecules per one molecule of extractant in the complex. In pure alkanes, DMCCA is supposed to be present in the form of a monomer and a dimer, but the possibility of formation of a trimer at higher concentrations should be examined. The equilibrium data for the reactive extraction were correlated using the model equations considering up to 14 molecules of DMCCA per one molecule of TOA. A reduction of 14 complexes involved to 5 was found possible including (1,1), (3,1), (4,1), (6,1), and (10,1) types together with a monomer and a dimer of acid. A good t of the model to the experimental data was achieved.

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Chemical Papers 54 (6b) 413–422 (2000)

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