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Alkaloids of Mahonia aquifolium (PURSH) NUTT.2.

J. Slavík, J. Bochořáková, D. Košťalová, and V. Hrochová

Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, J. E. Purkyně University, CS-662 43 Brno


Abstract: Corytuberine, isolated for the first time from the sum of alkaloids obtained from the leaves of Mahonia aquifolium (PURSH) NUTT., was identified from its spectral data and by comparison with the specimen; so far, it has not been found in any plant of the Berberidaceae family. Additional alkaloids identified from the above-mentioned sum of alkaloids were: magnoflorine, isocorydine, corydine, isoboldine, and berbamine. Berberine and palmatine were identified by thin-layer chromatography. Magnoflorine was shown to be the principal alkaloid of the above-ground bark; it was accompanied by berberine and jatrorrhizine. Further alkaloids from the bark identified by thin-layer chroma­ tography were isocorydine, berbamine, corytuberine, and columbamine.

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Chemical Papers 39 (4) 537–542 (1985)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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