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Plasma-Modi ed Porous Membranes

M. Bryjak, I. Gancarz, and G. Poźniak

Institute of Organic and Polymer Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, PL-50-370 Wroclaw, Poland



Revised: 19 May 2000

Abstract: The presented paper shows some possible ways for alteration of membrane properties. The used method of plasma treatment allows to tailor membranes according to a particular demand. The action of plasma on porous membranes results in polymer ablation (an increase of pore diameter), deposition of polymer layer (plugging of pore lumen) and/or rebuilding of surface functional groups. These effects place plasma treatment among the most versatile modification methods. Having in stock one ultrafiltration membrane one is able to obtain various micro-, ultra-, and nanofilters, some membranes designated for immobilization of biological components, hydrophobic membrane for membrane distillation, or gel-like membranes for dialysis. Several possible ways of that modification are presented in the paper.

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Chemical Papers 54 (6b) 496–501 (2000)

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