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Photopolymerization of styrene with maleic anhydride

M. Rätzsch, G. Schicht, M. Arnold, J. Bartoň, and I. Capek

Technische Hochschule für Chemie Leuna Merseburg, DDR-4200 Merseburg


Abstract: The UV-light induced copolymn. of styrene (I)  with maleic anhydride (II)  in various donor solvents, e.g. acetone and THF  was studied. The dependence of the copolymn. rate of the comonomer concn. in the feed is expressed by unsym. curves with the max. for reaction mixts. with an excess of II in comparison to I (solvents acetone or acetonitrile). In THF the rate of copolymn. increases with increasing concn. of II in the feed but no max. has been found. The measurements of the rate of initiation and mol. mass of copolymer have shown that the initiation reaction is realized not only by comonomer complex, but also by the complex of THF with II. A reaction scheme for the initiation mechanism was proposed. From the rotating sector measurements the rate consts. ̅k12, ̅k21, and  ̅ka were detd.

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Chemical Papers 38 (6) 823–838 (1984)

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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