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Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. XIX. Enthalpy change and mechanism in thermal decomposition of tetrakis(pyridine)nickel(II) isothiocyanate (Ni(NCS)2py4)

I. Horváth and E. Jóna

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry', Centre for Chemical Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: The kinetics of thermal decompn. of Ni(NCS)2py4 was studied by measuring the activation energy, frequency factor, and enthalpy change. The 1st-order kinetics was applicable in the initial stages of the reactions. The decompn. obeyed the rate equation of the contracting area. The enthalpy change ΔH for Na(NCS)2py2 is lower than the activation energy, which suggests an endothermal 1-step reaction. The lower activation energy in the decompn. of the title compd. in comparison with ΔH1 may evidence the formation of a metastable intermediate [Ni(NCS)2py3] during decompn.

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Chemical Papers 38 (3) 371–378 (1984)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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