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Kinetics of hydrolysis of methacrylamide sulfate in a sulfuric acid medium

J. Balák and M. Polievka

Research Institute of Petrochemistry, CS-972 71 Nováky


Abstract:  The kinetics of hydrolysis of methacrylamide sulfate described in this paper was evaluated as a first-order reaction (with respect to methacrylamide) and this conclusion was compared with literature data concerning hydrolysis of other kinds of amides in the medium of concentrated sulfuric acid as well as with the results of numerical method of evaluation of measured data. The dependence of conversion rate on temperature and excess water was measured. The activation energy (E = 86.2 kJ mol-1), frequency factor (A = 1.11 x 1010min-1), and activation entropy were calculated. The results were con­fronted with literature data. It has been revealed that the value of rate constant increases with excess water (up to mole ratio acetone cyanohydrin ACH:H2O= 1:6). The kinetic equation of the first order is valid up to mole ratio ACH:H2O = 1:4. The reaction order changes at higher content of water.

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Chemical Papers 37 (1) 61–69 (1983)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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