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Kinetics of esterification of methacrylic acid with a mixture of methanol and water in the presence of sulfuric acid

J. Balák and M. Polievka

Research Institute of Petrochemistry, CS-972 71 Nováky


Abstract: The basic kinetic data of the second consecutive reversible reaction taking place in esterification of methacrylamide sulfate with a mixt. of methanol and water were measured. The rate consts., frequency factors, activation entropies, and activation energy for primary reaction (E1 = 52.8 kJ mol-1) and inverse reaction (E2 = 31.9 kJ mol-1) as well as reaction enthalpy (ΔH = E1 - E2 = 20.9 kj mol-1) were calcd. The dependence of the rate of conversion on excess water, methanol, and quantity of sulfuric acid was measured. The influence of the quantity of sulfuric acid manifests itself more significantly than the influence of temp. An excess of water reduces the values of rate consts. of the primary reaction as well as inverse reaction calcd. on the assumption that these reactions are second-order reactions. An excess of methanol raises the value of formal equil. const.

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Chemical Papers 37 (1) 71–81 (1983)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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