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 Structure of diluted solutions of the molten system C2MS2—CS at temperatures near the melting point of pure components

M. Eliášová, L. Kosa, and I. Proks

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 34 Bratislava


Abstract: The structure of melts of very dil. solns. in the system CaO.SiO2(CS)+2CaO.MgO.2SiO2(C2MS2) were studied based on: a) calcn. of molar wts. of molten components using cryometry for infinitely dild. solns., and b) calorimetric data on enthalpy of mixing for the studied system. From comparison of the calcd. value of molar wt. of metasilicate CS with formula molar wt. Mform,CS = 116.16 g mol-1 it follows that in molten CS, the anion (SiO3)816- prevails. Pos. values of ΔHmix indicate reactions between species in soln. It is probable that anions of the melt C2MS2 react with added anions (SiO3)816-, which results in the formation of open chains having the no. of SiO4-tetrahedrons changing from 8 to 10. From the value of molar wt. of akermanite calcd. for very dild. soln. of C2MS2 in CS it follows that at the dissoln. of the additive the amt. of substance does not appreciably change.

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Chemical Papers 34 (5) 602–609 (1980)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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