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Magnesium selenites

M. Ebert and D. Havlíček

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, 128 40 Prague


Abstract: The soly. diagram in the MgSeO3-SeO2-H2O system at 298 K was studied and Mg(HSeO3)2.4H2O was prepd. MgSeO3.6H2O and Mg(HSeO3)2.4H2O were studied by thermal anal., x-ray powder anal., and IR spectroscopy. MgSe2O5 was prepd. by thermal decompn. of Mg(HSeO3)2.4H2O and studied in the same manner as the other selenites. The IR spectra yielded the force consts. for the bonds between Se and O: 498 N m-1 for SeO3 of MgSeO3.6H2O, 532 N m-1 for the SeO2 group and 333 N m-1 for the SeOH group of Mg(HSeO3)2.4H2O and for MgSe2O5, 541 N m-1 for the SeO2 group and 266 N m-1 for the Se-O-Se bridge bonds. Anal. of the spectra yielded values for the energy of the H bonds in selenites in the range 20-39 kJ mol-1 and H bond lengths in the range 269-289 pm.

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Chemical Papers 34 (4) 441–451 (1980)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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