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Isolation of 137Cs from biological material contaminated by a mixture of radionuclides

V. Koprda and V. Ščasnár

Institute of Experimental Pharmacology, Centre of Physiological Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 881 05 Bratislava


Abstract: The efficiency of isolation of 137Cs from biol. material by extn. using Co dicarbolide-H+ (I) was compared with the absorption on Co(II) ferrocyanide, on Cu(II) ferrocyanide, and on NH4 molybdophosphate. Extn. of 137Cs (by dicarbolide) appeared to be the best among these procedures. The influence of preanal. treatment of samples on the yield of 137Cs by extn. using dicarbolides of Co(II) (either I or a chlorinated deriv.) and its influence upon the decontamination efficiency of the isolation procedure were detd. Analyses were made of tissue samples with in vivo incorporated radionuclides 137Cs, 60Co, 65Zn, 95Zr, 106Ru, and 144Ce either dild. in mineral acid only, or mineralized (ashed) by both the wet and dry method. A procedure is suggested for isolation and radiometric detn. of 137Cs in tissues contg. radionuclide mixts.

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Chemical Papers 34 (4) 480–496 (1980)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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