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Investigation of the liquidus curve of chiolite in the system Na3AlF6—AIF3

J. Vrbenská and M. Malinovský

Department of Electrotechnology, Slovak Technical University, 880 19 Bratislava


Abstract: The liquidus curve of chiolite in the system Na3AlF6-AlF3 was detd. by thermal anal. in an open system. The exptl. results were submitted to thermodn. anal. The compn. and temp. of the peritectic and eutectic points are (in coordinates NaF-AlF3): xp = 41.1 mol % AlF3, Tp = 1006 K, xE = 46.8 mol % AlF3, TE = 958 K. The exptl. results obtained in an open system indicate the existence of the compd. NaAlF4 in the melts, decompg. at 945 K by a eutectoid reaction into chiolite and AlF3. The existence of NaAlF4 was also confirmed indirectly by a thermodn. anal. of the exptl. and calcd. liquidus curves. The detn. of the degree of thermal dissocn. of the chiolite anion by means of an indirect method showed that the chiolite anion dissocs. only to a minor extent, most probably according to the scheme Al3F145- .dblharw. AlF63- + 2AlF4-.

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Chemical Papers 34 (1) 47–55 (1980)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

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