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New complexanes. XXXVI. Polarographic study of the mercury(II) chelates of alkanedithio-bis(2-aminopropane) acids

V. Novák, M. Svičeková, E. Dvořáková, and J. Majer

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Komenský University, 880 34 Bratislava


Abstract: The mercury(II) complexes of 5 structurally related complexanes of the type of alkanedithio-bis(2-aminopropane) acids were studied at ionic strength 0.1 (KNO3) and 293 K. The working method is based on investigation of the polarog. functional relation E1/2 = f(pH). The values of stability consts. of the investigated complexes were detd., the region of existence of normal complexes was characterized and it is evident that the interaction of all acids studied with mercury(II) ions results in formation of 1:1 chelates of the type HgL. The investigated new ligands form with Hg(II) relatively very stable chelates the stability of which almost attains the stability of the EDTA complexes.

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Chemical Papers 34 (1) 73–77 (1980)

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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