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New complexanes. XXXIII. Structural study of some new copper(II) complexanes

M. Kotouček, J. Majer, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, and V. Špringer

Pharm. Fac., Komensky Univ., Bratislava


Abstract: The preparation and spectroscopic study of the Cu(II) complexes of ethyIenediamine-N,N' -2,2' -dipropionic and ethylenediamine-N,N' -2,2'-di-(3-hydroxypropane) acids of CuY type and of the Cu(II) complexes of ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid of H2CuY type are described. At the same time sodium salts Na2EDDP-4H2O, Na2EDDHP, and Na4EDDS were prepared. The isolated complexes were investigated by means of infrared spectroscopy in order to examine the character of the coordination bond between the central atom and carboxyl donor group. On the basis of the shift of the characteristic vibration bands of the ionized carboxyl groups the predominantly ionic character of the coordination bond was confirmed. Simultaneously the spatial arrangement of the above-mentioned complexes was studied. The results obtained from measuring their magnetic properties as well as analysis of their electronic and e.s.r. spectra allow of conclusion that in all three complexes there is a tetragonally distorted octahedral structure.

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Chemical Papers 32 (1) 27–36 (1978)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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