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Phase diagram of the system lithium fluoride-sodium chloride-potassium chloride

J. Peschl and M. Malinovský

Power Research Institute, 884 03 Bratislava


Abstract:  The phase diagram of the three-component system LiF—NaCl—KCl was precised using the classical ТА method and X-ray phase analysis. This system is bounded by two simple eutectic systems LiF—NaCl (E: 42 mole % LiF, 58 mole % NaCl, tE = 682°C), LiF—KCl (E: 20 mole % LiF, 80 mole % KCl, tE =714°C) and one binary system NaCl—KCl formed by continuous solid solution with the temperature minimum (50 mole % NaCl, 50 mole % KCl, tmio = 662°C). The quasi-ternary system LiF—NaCl—KCl contains one eutectic point (11 mole % LiF, 48 mole % NaCl, 41 mole % KCl, tE =613°C). On the NaCl—KCl side there exists a continuous solid solution, the decomposition of which begins at 3—4 mole % LiF within the composition triangle. The existence of solid solution was confirmed by means of X-ray phase analysis.

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Chemical Papers 32 (6) 755–759 (1978)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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