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Self-diffusion in molten copper(I) chloride

J. C. Poignet and M. J. Barbier

ERA CNRS № 388 ENS d'Electrochimie et ďElectrométallurgie, BP 44 Domaine Universitaire, 38401, St Martin d'Heres


Abstract:  The self-diffusion coefficients of Cu(I) and CI- species in molten copper(I) chloride have been measured between 450 and 750°C. The capillary method [1] using 64Cu and 36Cl radiotracers has been employed. Attention has been paid to the analysis of experimental errors. The diffusion coefficient of Cu(I) is approximately two to three times higher than that of the chloride ion. This relation is in a qualitative agreement with the published results of neutron diffraction experiments, which indicates the possibility of associations between one copper cation and several chloride anions leading to the formation of CuCIn(n-1)-  ions in a "plasma" of Cu+ ions. The activation energy of diffusion of Cu+ in CuCI has been found to be 13.18 kJ mol-1 .

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Chemical Papers 32 (6) 787–792 (1978)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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