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Diffusion of cobalt(II) ions in molten sulfates of alkali metals

J. LeŇ°ko

Department of Chemistry, Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 708 33 Ostrava


Abstract:  The diffusion coefficient of cobalt(II) ions and their activation energy were determined using chronopotentiometry in the temperature interval 873—983 K, in molten ternary eutectic mixture Li2S04 —Na2S04 —K2S04 (78.0: 8.5:13.5 mole %) as well as in the mixture Li2S04—K2S04 (86.4:13.6 mole % ) . On the basis of diffusion measurements in these sulfate melts it can be concluded that in the mentioned temperature interval the complex particles Co(II) do not undergo any change either with the concentration or with the kind of alkali cations. This is in a good agreement with literature spectroscopic data on Co(II) in molten alkali sulfates.

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Chemical Papers 32 (6) 793–797 (1978)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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