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Corrosion of cobalt in the molten sodium sulfate-sodium chloride system

B. Tomik, J. Leško, J. Tržil, and J. Ullrych

Min.-Metall. Inst., Ostrava


Abstract: The equiv. elec. cond. and the emf. of a concn. galvanic cell with O electrodes and solid electrolyte in the molten Na2SO4-NaCl system was investigated. The corrosion of Co was measured by the gravimetric method. The results of the measurement of the elec. cond. indicate that the given system differs only slightly from theor. Markov model over the whole concn. range. The emf. method showed that the addn. of NaCl increases the activity of O2-. The gravimetric investigation of the corrosion of Co at 910° showed that the addn. of NaCl decreases the corrosion over the whole concn. range. The dependence of the corrosion on the compn. of the melt does not have a monotonic course, but there is a max. on the corresponding curve in the region of the max. of the activity of O2- anions.

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Chemical Papers 31 (1) 17–22 (1977)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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