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Poly(acrylic acid)-poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) complexes in solutions

L. A. Bimendina, E. A. Bekturov, and V. V. Roganov

Institute of Chemical Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata, USSR.


Abstract:  By means of conductometric and Potentiometrie methods it has been shown that the composition of poly(acrylic acid)—poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) complexes is equimolar. The limiting viscosity numbers [η] of polycomplexes in water are about 10 cm3/g and sedimentation constants S0 are about 25 s. It indicates a rather compact structure of the complex particles. Both the sedimentation constants and the limiting viscosity numbers in aqueous solutions do not depend on the molecular weight of the matrix. A sharp increase of viscosity and decrease of sedimentation constants is observed when using dimethyl sulfoxide as a solvent. The cooperative character of the changes in [η] and in S0 allows us to assume that the polymer complex is destroyed in the organic solvent. The observed difference in properties of polyacid (polymethacrylic, polyacrylic)—polyvinyl pyrrolidone) complexes is due to the chemical nature of the macromolecular matrix.

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Chemical Papers 30 (3) 301–305 (1976)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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