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Dissociation of the cryolite anion in the transition point on the liquidus line of barium chloride

I. Koštenská and Ľ. Machů

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Technical SSO 37 Bratislava University,


Abstract: The dissocn. of the complex hexafluoroaluminate anion in the systems BaCl2-Na3AlF6 and BaCl2-Li3AlF6 was investigated. For the detn. of the unknown kNa3AlF6/BaCl2 and kLi3AlF6/BaCl2 from the shape of the expt. liquidus line of BaCl2, the rule of constancy of the product of Stortenbeker correction factor and of the compn. of the added component was applied. The system BaCl2-Li3AlF6 was measured in the whole compn. range; it was found to be a simple eutectic system with the following coordinates of the eutectic point: 62 mole % BaCl2, 38 mole % Li3AlF6, and Te = 650 ± 1°. The position of the transition point on the liquidus line of BaCl2 in systems with cryolites indicates that both kNa3AlF6/BaCl2 and kLi3AlF6/BaCl2 equal 9, the no. of particles decreasing with increasing cryolite concn. At ∼5 mol % Na3AlF6 (Li3AlF6), the no. of particles indicates the presence of the complex cryolite anion AlF63-.

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Chemical Papers 30 (4) 458–468 (1976)

Thursday, May 19, 2022

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