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Synthesis and Electron Impact of Mass Spectra of 3-Substituted Chromeno[3,2-c]chromen-6,7-diones

I. M. El-Deen and H. K. Ibrahim

Faculty of Education, Suez Canal University, Port-Said, Egypt



Received: 27 December 2002

Abstract: 3-Hydroxychromeno[3,2-c]chromen-6,7-dione (III) and 3-methoxycarbonylcoumarin (IV) were prepared via condensation of ethoxycarbonylcoumarin with resorcinol in the presence of sodium methoxide. The chemical behaviour of III towards acetic anhydride, alkyl halides, and diazonium chloride is described. EI mass spectrometric behaviour of compounds IV, 3-acetyloxy and 3-alkoxy derivatives shows a weak molecular ion peak and a base peak of m/z 89, m/z 280, m/z 91, and m/z 120 resulting from a cleavage fragmentation respectively. The molecular ion of some chromenochromendiones is a base peak of m/z 280, m/z 366, and m/z 488, respectively. Diphenylazo-hydroxy derivative gives a characteristic fragmentation pattern with two very stable fragments of m/z 383 and m/z 77.

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Chemical Papers 58 (3) 200–204 (2004)

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