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Thin layer chromatography of inorganic ions. VI. Chromatography in the system: silica gel (impregnated with TBP)-aqueous solutions of organic complex forming agents

A. Muchov√° and V. Jokl

Pharm. Fak., Komensky-Univ., Bratislava


Abstract: The chromatographic behaviour of 24 metallic ions on silica gel layers impregnated by TBP was investigated using aqueous solutions of the organic complex-forming agents (lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, glycine, IDA, NTA, EDTA) as mobile phases. The tested agents were in the mobile phase either at a constant pH at graduated concentrations or in a constant concentration at different pH values. The RF values of the metallic ions are represented graphically as a function of the logarithm of concentration of the complex-forming agent or of the pH value. The extraction principle is discussed and the proposed extraction mechanism is qualitatively confirmed by the linearity of the function RM = f(log[HX]) and on the basis of the sign of the slope of the obtained straight line. In conclusion the possibilities of an analytical application of the investigated systems are critically evaluated and examples of separation are presented.

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Chemical Papers 30 (5) 629–639 (1976)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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