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Starch dialdehyde. IV. Changes during storage and methods of determination

K. Tihlárik, Š. Batáryová, K. Babor, and V. Kaláč

Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 33 Bratislava


Abstract: The routine methods currently used for determination of percentage of oxidized glucose units in starch dialdehyde (i.e. the method based on oxime formation, determina­tion of rapid alkali consumption, formation of corresponding /?-nitrophenylhydrazone, and the method of additional periodate oxidation) were compared and a new method based on the oxidation of starch dialdehyde sample by iodine in alkaline solution has been developed. It has been observed that depending upon the length of storage the starch dialdehyde undergoes changes resulting in a decreasing percentage of oxidized glucose units in the product. The relative value of this decrease depends on the method used for determina­tion of the degree of oxidation. The only method giving adequate information on the number of actually effective aldehyde groups in aged samples of starch dialdehyde is the oximation method. The decrease in the number of determinable aldehyde groups denoted as "aging" is reversible. The conditions have been found at which practically the original values can be restored.

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Chemical Papers 30 (5) 682–692 (1976)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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