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Anisotropy of some polymer systems. I. Polypropylene fibers

I. Diačik, I. Mitterpach, and O. Ďurčová

Research Institute of Chemical Fibers, 059 21 Svit


Abstract:  Infrared absorption spectroscopy was used to study the molecular orien­tation of ordered regions and average orientation of polypropylene fibers. Experimental data were used to calculate the functions of orientation which in turn made it possible to calculate orientation factors. The orien­tation factors obtained in this way were compared with the results of X-ray structure analysis and optical birefringence. I t was found t h a t average orientation of polypropylene fibers can be judged in a convenient manner from the absorption band at 1256 cm-1, while the absorption band at 997 cm-1 can be used to deduce the dependence of orientation of ordered regions in the overall range of deformation degrees.

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Chemical Papers 29 (1) 68–74 (1975)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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