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Kinetics of the poly(vinyl chloride) dehydrochlorination in a stream of oxygen

M. Lisý, V. Kellö, and B. Kudelás

Department of Physical Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  The kinetics of isothermal dehydrochlorination of the non-fractionated powdered poly(vinyl chloride) in a stream of oxygen was investigated experimentally at 183 —216°C. In this temperature interval the dehydrochlorination is an autocatalytic process. The degree of dehydrochlorination corresponding to its maximum rate increases with increasing temperature (from 8% at 183°C to 19% at 216°C). This shift of the inflexion point of the kinetic curves brought about by the temperature change corroborates that consecutive reactions occur in poly(vinyl chloride) during the thermal oxidative dehydrochlorination. The effective activation energy of this process is 32 kcal mol-1 in the studied temperature range.

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Chemical Papers 28 (2) 145–150 (1974)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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