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Effect of the structure differences between the modifications of the oxalatodiamminecopper(II) complex in some heterogeneous reactions. Reactions of α-, β-, and γ-oxalatodiamminecopper(II) with water

H. Langfelderová, M. Serátor, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo

Slovak Tech. Univ., Bratislava


Abstract: In the hydrolysis of solid α-, β-, and γ-Cu(C2O4)(NH3)2, the max. pH attained, its rate of attainment, and the compn. of the reaction products varied only slightly between the α and βforms, but markedly between these and the γ form, which hydrolyzed to a homogeneous product Cu(C2O4)(NH3). The structure of the γ form is probably square-planar units with trans NH3 groups and connected by the C2O4 groups in linearchains. The high reactivity of the γ form is due to the weak interaction between individual chains and between planes.

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Chemical Papers 28 (2) 180–187 (1974)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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