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The liquidus of sodium chloride in the system sodium chloride—calcium fluoride

M. Malinovský and J. Gregorčoková

Department of Inorganic Technology, Slovak Technical University, S80 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  The system NaCl —CaF2 was investigated in the range of 0 — 5 mole % CaF2 by the ТА method. The coordinates of the eutectic point (95.5 mole % NaCl, 4.5 mole % CaF2 ; TE = 779.5°C) as well as the course of the liquidus curve of NaCl were determined. Inaccurate literature data were corrected. The thermodynamic analysis of the liquidus curve of NaCl was performed with respect to the possible dissociation of CaF2 . The composition of the eutectic point may be explained on the assumption that CaF2 forms not only ions but also molecules in solution. Experimental results and theoretical analysis are in agreement with the concept according to which the system NaCl —CaF2 has the character of a quasi-binary diagonal section of the ternary reciprocal system Na,Ca || F,Cl. The solubility of CaF2 in the solid state in NaCl was proved to be negligible.

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Chemical Papers 28 (4) 539–545 (1974)

Monday, May 23, 2022

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