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Determination of the products of aldolization of trioses

J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and F. Janeček

Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 33 Bratislava


Abstract: Depending upon the conditions of base-catalyzed aldolization of trioses D,L-fructose, D,L-sorbose, and D,L-dendroketose are formed in different proportions. A method has been developed for the determination of thus produced ketohexoses using gas chromatography of per-0 -TMS derivatives of the sugars themselves and of the polyols derived therefrom. The aldolization products can also be separated by paper chromatography, and, on a preparative scale, by column chromatography on cellulose. Based on the analytical study, an attempt to explain the nature of dendroketose is also described.

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Chemical Papers 28 (5) 701–709 (1974)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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