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Gas chromatography of methyl esters of aromatic mono-, di-, and tricarboxylic acids formed during oxidation of a mixture of trimethylbenzenes

M. Hronec, J. Krupčík, and J. Baxa

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, Slovak Technical University, 88O 37 Bratislava


Abstract: Relative elution time of six methyl dimethylbenzoates, five isomeric methylphthalic acids and three isomeric benzenetricarboxylic acids was estimated on packed and capillary columns. Apiezon L, QF-1, Reoplex-400 and ethylene glycol succinate + 2% H3PO4 at 140—214°C were the liquid phases in the packed columns, Apiezon К and Reoplex-400 at 209 and 168°C, respectively in the capillary ones. It has been found that no satisfactory separation of all theoretically possible isomeric methyl dimethylbenzoates took place at any of the packed columns; isomeric methyl methylphthalates were well separated on 10% ethylene glycol succinate + 2 % H3PO4; a good separation of all isomeric methyl dimethylbenzoates and methyl phthalates was achieved on a 45-m Reoplex capillary column at 168°C.

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Chemical Papers 27 (1) 135–140 (1973)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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