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Influence of the a.c. intermittent arc electrical parameters on the excitation of the atomic spectra. V. Spectrochemical properties of full wave a.c. arc

K. Flórián and M. Matherny

Lehrstuhl für analytische Chemie der Hüttenmännischen Fakultät der Technischen Hochschule, 043 85 Košice


Abstract: The present work is a part in a series of papers investigating the excitation in a.с intermittent arc. MgO-matrix was excited in full wave a.c. arc of 100 impulses per second for anodic as well as cathodic polarization of carrier electrode. The following aspects were studied: the course of evaporation by means of evaporation correlation curves, parameters of analytical curves and of scatter diagrams, and the homology of spectral line pairs. The results are compared with the values obtained by different kinds of excitation described in previous papers.

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Chemical Papers 27 (2) 183–192 (1973)

Monday, March 20, 2023

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