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Thin-layer chromatography of inorganic ions. V. Chromatography in the system, silica gel (impregnated with tributyl phosphate)-aqueous solutions of lithium chloride, sodium bromide, and sodium iodide

A. Muchová and V. Jokl

Lehrstuhl für Analytische Chemie der Pharmazeutischen Fakultät an der Komenský-Universität, 880 34 Bratislava


Abstract: Chromatog. of 24 metal ions was studied on silica gel layers, impregnated with tri-Bu phosphate. Aq. solns. of LiCl, NaBr, and NaI were used as mobile phases. RF values are summarized as a function of the concn. of the mobile phase. On some examples, the linear dependence of RM = log[(1/RF) - 1] on log [mobile phase concn.] is demonstrated. An extn. mechanism, and not ion exchange, is responsible for the chromatog. of the ions. Examples of sepn. of mixts. contg. 3-6 metal ions are given.

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Chemical Papers 27 (3) 348–354 (1973)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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