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Estimation of nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen in organic substances by the decomposition in glass ampoules and the analysis of the decomposition products by gas chromatography

O. Mlejnek

Cables Insul. Mater. Res. Inst., Bratislava


Abstract:  A method of quantitative elemental analysis based on the catalytic oxidation of organic substances in evacuated glass ampoules in the presence of CuO at 550°C is described. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour formed are dosed into a gas Chromatograph by means of a device which breaks off the ends of ampoules. Then these substances are separated on a column with a Chromosorb 102 using hydrogen as a carrier gas. The accuracy, precision, and sensitivity of this method are evaluated and some examples of the analysis of different kinds of nitrogen-containing compounds, of the identification of polymers, and the characterization of gas-chromatographic fractions are presented.

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Chemical Papers 27 (3) 421–431 (1973)

Monday, August 08, 2022

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