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Basicity of N-monosubstituted amidines

J. Ševčík

Institut für physikalische Chemie an der Palacký -Universität, Olomovc


Abstract: The pK values in the series of N-monosubstituted benzamidines were determined by photometric method. It was established that the basicity in this group of substances largely depends on the nature and position of the substituent. Therefore it is not possible to classify the particular types of amidines according to decreasing basicity unambiguously. Furthermore, the correlation between the measured pK values of N-monosubstituted benzamidines and Hammett a constants was performed. We may state that N-monosubstituted benzamidines tolerably fulfil the standards of this correlation. However, the results obtained do not allow unambiguously to assign the proton localization on imine nitrogen of the amidine group.

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Chemical Papers 26 (1) 49–52 (1972)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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