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On Oxidative Thermal Destruction of Three-dimensional Polyester Methacrylate

R. M. Aseeva, T. V. Zelenetskaya, and A. A. Berlin

Institute of Chemical Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow


Abstract: The kinetics of MDF-2-based oxidative thermal destruction of polyester methacrylate has been studied. The effective energy of activation calculated by oxygen absorption in the interval from 160 t o 200°C amounts t o 24.1 kcal mole-1. Analysis of the destruction products seems to indicate that oxygen initiates the process by interacting first of all with — CH2— groups that are in the α-position t o the ester methacryl group. A new effective inhibitor of the thermal and oxidative destruction of three-dimensional polyester methacrylates, poly-2-methyl-5-ethynyl-pyridine, has been found.

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Chemical Papers 26 (3) 258–262 (1972)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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