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Ageing and Stabilization of Polystyrene Plastics. III. Nature of the Carbonyl Functional Groups Formed during the Photo-oxidation of Rubber Modified Polystyrene

J. Sedláček and L. Rosík

Kaučuk, n.е., Synthetic Rubber Research Institute, Kralupy n. Vit.


Abstract: The formation of carbonyl compounds during the photo-oxidation of rubber modified polystyrene has been studied by means of infrared spectroscopy. A significant portion of the photo-oxidation products has been found to be soluble in methanol. The technique of difference spectra in the combination with the specific chemical reactions of carbonyl compounds with ammonia, sodium hydroxide, potassium tetrahydroborate, thionyl chloride, and hydrogen chloride was used to detect the nature of carbonyl groups in solid polymer films and in low-molecular products extracted by methanol from the oxidized samples. The presence of both esters and free acids in the photo-oxidized rubber modified polystyrene has been qualitatively proved. Aldehydes and ketones were further present but could not yet be distinguished one from another

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Chemical Papers 26 (5) 412–420 (1972)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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