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Spectrophotometric study and analytical utility of reaction of β-resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone with copper(II)

S. Stankoviansky, A. Beňo, J. Čársky, and E. Komiňáková

Institut für analytische Chemie der NaturwissenschaftlicJien Fakultät an der Komenský-Universität, Bratislava 1


Abstract:  In this paper the reaction of β-resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone with copper(II) in acid medium is studied spectrophotometrically. A green chelate with marked absorption maxima at 300 and 374 nm and stable in the pH interval from 2.5 to 3.8 is formed in this reaction. The linking ratio of the agent to copper is 1:1. It has been found by paper electrophoresis that the chelate has the character of univalent cation. The results of the investigation of the above reaction were used for a sensitive spectrophotometry determination of copper. By using a 1 cm cell, the developed method makes the determination of 5 μg Cu in 25 ml possible. The cations of alkaline metals, alkaline earths, T](I), Sn(II), Bi(III), Sb(III), As(III, V), and Al(III) do not interfere with the determination of copper present in the amount of 75 μg. The interfering effect of some cationa can be masked with citric acid and NaF. In this case, the 100-fold excess of Pb(II), Mn(II), Mo(VI), and W(VI), the 50-fold excess of UO22+ , 25-fold excess of Cd(II), and Zn(II), and 10-fold excess of Ni(II), Fe(III), and Cr(III) do not interfere with the determination. On the other hand, the cations of Ag(I), Hg(I, I I ) , Co(II), and Pd(II) present in the ratio 1 : 75 interfere with the determination of copper.

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Chemical Papers 25 (2) 123–131 (1971)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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