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Preparation of N-methylamidoselenates

J. Krejčí, I. Horsák, and K. Dostál

Institut für anorganische Chemie der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät an der J. E. Purkync-Universität, Brno


Abstract: The salts [NCH3H3] [O3SeNHCH3] and [N(CH3)2H2] [O3SeN(CH3)2] were prepared by the reaction of potassium diselenate with methylamine or dime thy lamině. The binary substitution of these substances in non-aqueous medium gave rise to potassium ammonium, and silver N-methyl- or N-dimethylamidoselenates, respectively. The aminolysis of methylselenates also results in the formation of N-substituted amidoselenates. N-Methyl- and N-dimethylamidoselenates thus prepared were characterized on the basis of powder diagrams and infrared spectra. They are the substances which are thermally unstable and show a tendency to solvolyse. The [O3SeNHCH3]- as well as [O3SeN(CH3)2]- ions are more stable only in weak alkaline aqueous solutions. This fact was used for their identification and for testing the purity of all salts prepared by paperchromatography.

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Chemical Papers 25 (3) 169–176 (1971)

Friday, October 18, 2019

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