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Isomerism of Nickel(II) Complexes. II. Conditions of Formation and Structure of Isomers Ni(NCS)2(Quinoline)2

E. Jóna, T. Šramko, J. Kohout, A. Sirota, and J. Gažo

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: Two isomers: red (/) and green (II) of composition Ni(NCS)2Q2 (Q — quinoline) were prepared by thermal decomposition of solid Ni(NCS)2Q4 * 2Н2О. The reaction proceeded under isothermal conditions in dependence of the layer thickness and grain size. The structure of isomers was examined by means of the diffuse reflectance and infrared absorption spectra as well as by magnetic measurements. It has been found that isomer I shows the ХА1В singlet ground state and it can be assigned a monomolecular square-planar configuration with the terminal NCS groups. Isomer II shows a six-coordinate tetragonal bipyramidal structure with the 3B1g triplet ground state and with two differently coordinated NCS groups (terminal and bridged).

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Chemical Papers 25 (4) 241–248 (1971)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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