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Kinetic Study of the Reduction of Thallium(IH) Ions by Hypophosphites

J. Poór and Ľ. Treindl

Institute of Chemistry, Komenský University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The kinetics of thallium(III) reduction by hypophosphites has been followed on the basis of time dependence of limiting diffusion current of tervalent thallium by using either a rotating platinum electrode or a dropping mercury electrode. It has been demonstrated that the reaction is one of the first order with respect to the concentration of Tl(III) ions. The temperature dependence of rate constant has been used for the determination of activation parameters   ΔH#= 20.5 kcal mole-1 and ΔS# = — 2.2 cal deg-1 mole-1 . The dependence of the observed rate constant on the concentration of Tl(III) ions is interpreted by an autocatalytic character of reaction. The results obtained by means of both electrodes are discussed and a probable reaction mechanism is proposed.

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Chemical Papers 23 (11-12) 816–821 (1969)

Friday, March 01, 2024

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