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Synthesis, Thermogravimetric and Magnetochemical Investigation of Chloro(tetrahydrofuran)titanium(III) Complexes

M. Zikmund, A. Valent, K. Hrnčiarová, and M. Kohútová

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 9


Abstract:  The thermogravimetric analysis showed the decomposition of TiCl3 • 3THF into TiCl3 • 2THF (at about 100°C) and TiCl3 • THF (at temperatures above 150°C) in nitrogen or argon atmosphere. At about 250°C disproportionation into TiCl2 and TiCl4 • 2THF takes place. The complexes TiCl3 • 3THF and TiCl3 • 2THF react with benzene under formation of TiCl3 • 2THF • C6H6 which, in the same way as TiCl3 • 3THF, is thermally decomposed while benzene is released in the first stage of the decomposition. The complexes TiCl3 • 3THF, TiCl3 • 2THF and TiCl3 • 2THF • C6H6  dissolve in benzene and other aromatic solvents, which, together with magnetic moments near the expecting spin-only value, are indicative of the monomer structure of these complexes. On the other hand, the anomalous low value of magnetic moment of the compound TiCL, • THF (1.14 B. M.) together with its insolubility in benzene indicate the existence of a coordination polymer. The complexes TiCl3 • 2THF and TiCl3 • 2THF • C6H6 form with methanol vapour a brown- - violet chloromethoxy derivative.

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Chemical Papers 23 (11-12) 843–849 (1969)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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