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Electrophoretic Separation and Determination of S mall Amounts of Copper(II), Iron(III), and Iron(II) Ions in Some Inorganic Chemicals by Indirect Densitometry

Z. Pikulíková, V. Jokl, and J. Majer

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty oj Pharmacy, Komenský University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The feasibility to separate small amounts of copper(II) salts in lead(II) acetate, aluminium sulfate, and iron(III) chloride, of iron (III) salts in lead(II) acetate and aluminium sulfate, and of iron(II) salts in copper(II) sulfate from the main component by means of paper electrophoresis has been studied. Besides, the applicability of the indirect densitometry of photographic negatives for the determination of the separated contaminants has been investigated. It has been found that 0.2—1% of copper(II), iron(III), and iron(II) ions, respectively, may be determined in above chemicals. The results have been evaluated statistically. The relative deviations of the determination have been within the range of 3—10%.

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Chemical Papers 23 (11-12) 869–875 (1969)

Friday, March 01, 2024

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