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Mass Spectrometric Study of Platinum Complexes Based on Cisplatin

P. Doležel and V. Kubáň

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, CZ-613 00 Brno



Received: 22 October 2001

Abstract: Flow injection-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometric and liquid chromatography-UV spectrometry- electrospray ionization-mass spectrometric systems with the possibility of collision-induced dissociation were used for characterization of Pt(II) and Pt(IV) complexes well known as antitumour agents. Mass spectra of cis-platin and trans-platin [PtII(NH3)2Cl2]0 under various experimental conditions were compared. Ion clusters and adduct ions with the assumed structure are described. The process of partial ion fragmentation allows characterization of the LA12 product, [PtIV(C10H17N)(NH3)(CH3COO)2Cl2]0, a new agent with enhanced cancerostatic activity. The structure of the principal impurity, [PtIV(C10H17N)(NH3)(CH3COO)2Cl2]0, present in the final product of the LA12 synthesis, was designed after chromatographic separation and subsequent mass spectra analysis.

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Chemical Papers 56 (4) 236–240 (2002)

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