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Determination of chromium by diphenylcarbazide in water with a high content of inorganic substances

A. Bíliková and V. Bílik

Forschungsinstitut für Wasserwirtschaft, Bratislava


Abstract: The diphenylcarbazide method was modified for the detn. of μg. amts. of Cr in H2O in the presence of higher amts. of Ca, Sr, and Ba. Trichloroacetic acid is used in place of H2SO4 to form an acid medium and a stable colored complex is formed. To det. Cr, 2 ml. M trichloroacetic acid and 1 ml. 1% alc. soln. diphenylcarbazide are added to 10-90 ml. sample contg. 5-100 μg. Cr(VI), and the soln. is dild. to 100 ml. The absorbance is measured after 10 min. on a Pulfrich photometer with an S-55 filter. To det. the total amt. of Cr, 1 ml. M NaOH is added to the sample, and the soln. is heated to 80-90°. After adding 0.5 ml. 30% H2O2, it is allowed to stand 30-40 min. Excess H2O2 is boiled off and the balance of the detn. is the same as for Cr(VI). This method is specific and sensitive.

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Chemical Papers 22 (11) 873–878 (1968)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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