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Radioactive Kryptonates in Volumetric Analysis (I) Radioactive Kryptonates — New Chelatometric Indicators

J. Tölgyessy, Š. Varga, V. Jesenák, and D. Hroncová

Department of Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: A method employing radioactive kryptonates as the end point indicators in chelatometric titrns. was described. The end point is detd. with the solid radioactive kryptonate AB[85Kr], added to the soln. before the beginning of the titrn. After the end point is exceeded, the excess of the added chelate-forming agent reacts with the radioactive kryptonate liberating radioactive 85Kr.  Principles of the titration method, methods for preparing radioactive kryptonated indicators, experimental results of kryptonation and a study of the properties of prepared radioactive kryptonates from the point of view of their application as indicators in radiochelatometrie titrations are given in this paper.

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Chemical Papers 22 (1) 3–14 (1968)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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