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Reaction of epichlorohydrin in aqueous hydrochloric acid

I. Ondruš

Forschungsinst. Petrochem., Novaky


Abstract: The kinetics of the reactions of epichlorohydrin (I) in aq. HCl was studied. The reactions is 2nd order, resulting in 2 products: glycerol monochlorohydrin (II) and 1,3-glycerol dichlorohydrin (III). In this reactions, there are 2 parallel concurrent partial reactions belonging to the reactions of the 1st order. The derived equations are: 2.3 log A/(A - α) = αk2t + 2.3 log a/(a -α), k1/k2 = [II]/[III] = const., where A is the concn. of I, k1 is the rate const. for the formation of II, and k2 is the rate const. for the formation of III. These equations are suitable for calcg. the rate consts. of the partial reactions. The activation energy is the same for the whole reactions as for the partial reactions, and for this reason it is impossible by changing the temp. to guide the reactions into a desirable direction.

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Chemical Papers 22 (9) 662–673 (1968)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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