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Introduction and application of the activity concept in the chemistry of fused salts and slags

K. Grjotheim and C. Krohn

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, The Technical University of Norway, Trondheim, Norway


Abstract: A method was described for the calcn. of the thermodynamic activity of fused salts and slags in metallurgy by applying the H. Temkin (1945) definition of an ideal salt melt and of an ideal ionic soln. Expts. were carried out with alkali halides by applying mixts. of salts with a common ion and the reciprocal salt pairs. This method is based on the classical thermodynamics as expressed by the metathetical reactions in the system, by the measured ionic exchange equil. and by the Gibbs free energy equation. A generalized formula is given.

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Chemical Papers 21 (11) 774–782 (1967)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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