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Refinement of the crystal structure of the dithiocyanatodiamminecopper(II) complex

J. Garaj

Slowakischen Tech. Hochsch., Bratislava


Abstract: The cryst. structure of the Cu(SCN)2(NH3)2 complex was studied by x-ray diffraction and least sqs. refinement. The space group is Pnma, with a 13.94 ± 0.02, b 6.01 ± 0.01, and c 8.86 ± 0.01A.; R = 0.155; Z = 4. Cu(II) is plane coordinated with 2 mols. of NH3 and 2 N atoms of the SCN group. Av. interat. distances are Cu-NH3 1.997 and Cu-N = 1.965A. The plane coordination of the central atom is completed by 2 S atoms at 3.028A. The SCN groups are bound to Cu(II) with S and N atoms.

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Chemical Papers 21 (12) 865–876 (1967)

Saturday, December 07, 2019

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