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Spectrochemical determination of main and secondary constituents of the limestones

M. Matherny and N. Pliešovská

Lehrstuhl für Chemie an der Hüttenmänischen Fakultät der Technischen Hochschule,. Košice


Abstract: A soln. spectrographic method for the detn. of the main constituent Ca and the secondary constituents Al, Fe, Mg, and Si in limestones was described. The concn. of Ca was ≥ 30%; the lower limit for the other elements was 0.10% with the exception of Al (4 × 10-2%). The upper limit for Mg was 3.0%, for the others ≤10.0%. The spectra were formed by excitation in an a.c. are between capillary electrodes. The selection of the anal. pair and of the internal standard lines was based on the evaluation of the scattering diagrams and of the statistical parameters. As an internal standard, Co 304.89 and Co 271.60 lines were selected. The anal. line pairs Ca 300.69-Co 304.89, Al 257.51-Co 271.60, Mg 277.91-Co 271.60, Fe 274.41-Co 304.89, and Si 288.10-Co 304.89 mμ were selected and their spectrochem. parameters detd. By analyzing large nos. of samples of various mineralogical compns. it was detd. that the diagrams of Ca, Mg, and Fe are not affected by a change in the matrix, while the diagrams of Si and Al are very sensitive to this change.

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Chemical Papers 21 (6) 417–426 (1967)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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